Transportation and Infrastructure

Engaged in transportation funding, policy & oversight

Transportation is the vital link between state and local government, communities, industries and their customers. The Federal government and Congress play a continuing critical role in the funding, development, oversight, and maintenance of the country’s transportation and infrastructure assets and policies. Congress is also critical in shaping future transportation policy responsible for the revitalization and modernization of those assets.

Williams & Jensen has been a long-standing participant in the national dialogue on transportation policy and priorities, assisting transportation-focused industries in Washington, as well as providing advocacy for states, municipalities and local communities; colleges and universities; transit and port authorities; training institutions; and other organizations that participate in federal transportation and infrastructure funding.

Our transportation clients include industry leaders in the commercial aviation, freight rail, and specialized maritime sectors, as well as major manufacturers in the truck, private aviation, and railcar industries. On behalf of our clients, Williams & Jensen has played a significant role in the development and priorities of surface transportation, water, infrastructure, and aviation-related legislation.

Additionally, we have worked successfully with colleges and universities, local communities and municipalities, states, transit and port authorities, and industry participants on local projects designed to reduce congestion, improve air quality, improve waterways, and enhance economic development. At Williams & Jensen, our focus is on finding and implementing creative solutions to help link communities and their economies more efficiently and effectively via all modes of transportation.

Williams & Jensen has a creative, seasoned team of professionals who are active in the federal transportation policy debate, and whom have decades of relevant experience in the field. This team has an enviable record of success, and the experience necessary to help your organization develop the best approach going forward. In today’s budget environment, having a thoughtful strategy and appropriately matched approach to transportation funding or policy is more critical than ever to the success of the endeavor. We look forward to working with your organization to assess your transportation related-goal or funding requirement, and to develop a successful approach and plan.