Tax Policy

Engaged in every major tax bill over the last four decades

Williams & Jensen provides clients with counsel and a range of services on both narrow and broad tax issues. Taxation is central to a wide range of policy issues in Washington D.C., and is the lever government often uses to change decision making and encourage or discourage activities by companies and individuals. The firm was founded with the primary mission of advancing the tax policy interests of clients, and that focus on tax remains a core practice area for Williams & Jensen.

The firm brings many decades of experience developing and implementing creative solutions to a client’s tax problem. We have been in the trenches on every major tax bill in the last forty years. We can provide a complete approach on tax issues, from working with a client to develop a unique strategy to address the client’s issues, to drafting legislative or regulatory language to produce the desired outcome, to finally taking that proposal to the Congress or the Treasury and IRS and getting results.

Williams & Jensen takes a results-oriented approach to tax policy matters, including:

Advancing, Tracking, & Monitoring

Advancing, tracking, and monitoring specific tax legislative and technical proposals


Working with the Administration (Treasury and IRS) to address ongoing taxpayer disputes legislatively and administratively.


Drafting technical language for a legislative or regulatory proposal, as well as accompanying policy materials.

Enacting or Opposing

Enacting legislative proposals to achieve a tax purpose, or alternatively revising or opposing existing proposals that would harm clients.


Securing transition rules or appropriate relief when Congress adopts tax law changes

The firm has achieved considerable success on behalf of our clients, including enacting stand-alone tax legislation and numerous accomplishments in almost every piece of major tax legislation enacted in the last forty years. We work with clients to develop comprehensive strategies that capitalize on their strengths, address any weaknesses and are designed to lead to success – all while considering the best policy and political approach to successfully achieve their goals.