Retirement Policy

Addressing all aspects of retirement and pensions policy

Williams & Jensen provides its clients in the retirement policy area with broad representation on federal legislative and regulatory matters. With the aging of the U.S. population and the economic consequences of an older population becoming apparent, issues involving retirement policy are increasingly in the media and before Congress and the Executive Branch agencies.

The firm combines subject matter expertise and technical knowledge with a deep set of contacts at the Congressional committees with jurisdiction over pension law and the primary agencies involved in interpreting and implementing that law through the regulatory process, particularly with the Treasury and Labor Departments. 

Williams & Jensen experience includes representing employer-sponsored ERISA plans, state and local governmental pensions, and other employee benefit programs.  The firm has worked to modify tax laws, federal securities laws, ERISA, health care, and bankruptcy statutes that impact employee benefit programs. The firm has also worked with federal agencies in development and modification of a host of regulations that impact benefit programs. 

Members of the firm have worked as staff at Congressional Committees and federal agencies with jurisdiction over employee benefit issues.