Practice Areas


The firm’s experience in serving agriculture clients extends to a wide range of issues. These include commodity support and marketing programs, commodity futures exchanges, farm credit system financing, land conservation, agri-based energy, pesticides registration, agricultural industry structure and anti-trust issues, environmental issues, natural disaster relief, Food for Peace, import tariff suspensions, nominations to Federal agricultural trade advisory committees, and taxation.

Campaign Finance & Election Law

Williams & Jensen’s campaign practice group facilitates compliance with Federal election laws and Federal Election Commission regulations. Our clients include Members of Congress, candidates, political action committees and corporate-sponsored political action committees (PACs). In addition, our attorneys counsel clients on campaign finance. We provide guidance on contribution, solicitation, and reporting requirements under Federal and state laws, and enable compliance with rules related to fundraising activities and solicitation materials.

Congressional Oversight & Investigations

We provide both formal and informal assistance, whether in responding to congressional document requests and subpoenas, drafting testimony for hearings, developing a public relations strategy and providing counsel on all aspects of the investigation and its implications. We treat each congressional investigation not as a political or government relations matter exclusively, but also as a public relations and legal challenge. We will assist in successfully ensuring you are prepared for the potential of high stakes consequences.

Consumer Protection

Williams & Jensen has considerable experience representing companies and associations that have issues before the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC). The firm works with the legislative committees that have primary jurisdiction over these issues including the United States House . .

Defense and Homeland Security

Williams & Jensen assists defense and homeland security organizations successfully navigate the rapidly-changing national security policy world. We have experience representing small privately held businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We have managed projects that have resulted in increases in defense spending for specific client priorities and approval of policy-oriented legislative and report language. 

Energy and Environment

Williams & Jensen’s energy and environment practice group offers clients decades of experience on issues that are consistently at the top of the Washington agenda. Our professionals’ political sophistication, legislative and regulatory knowledge, and deep understanding of energy businesses and markets consistently deliver success for our clients.

Federal Appropriations

Securing appropriations continues to be one of the most challenging policy processes in government. Over the past 40 years, Williams & Jensen’s federal appropriations practice has provided our clients with top-notch strategies that get results. We have expertise representing a diverse set of organizations in the appropriations process, including well-known Fortune 500 companies, state and local governments, non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities.

Federal Procurement

Williams & Jensen has extensive experience in the representation of Federal contractors, including military and civilian agencies. The firm represents clients whose core concern is government contracts, and also handles government contract issues for various legislative clients. In addition, the firm has helped numerous Federal grantees obtain awards, assisting them in all aspects of the grant process.

Financial Services Policy

As technological and innovation developments continue to change the financial services industry and pose challenges to policymakers, and as legislative and regulatory priorities evolve, our experience and understanding enables us to gauge developments accurately and deliver results.

Healthcare Law

On a regular basis, we keep business clients apprised of legislative, regulatory, and judicial health care developments that could affect their interests. We also have participated in litigation challenging various actions by regulatory agencies. Health care policy has become increasingly relevant to an ever-wider range of organizations. Williams & Jensen’s diverse . . .

Intellectual Property

Williams & Jensen has closely guarded our clients’ intellectual property interests for more than 30 years. The firm has represented some of the nation’s most successful creators of sound recordings, motion pictures, publications and pharmaceutical products.

International Government Affairs

Williams & Jensen has experience in supporting the public affairs efforts of companies making foreign investments, foreign procurements, resolving market access problems and raising your profile abroad. Developing a comprehensive approach will require understanding foreign protocols and developing the appropriate contacts in country as well as in the U.S. These elements are essential for any successful foreign strategy.

Postal, Printing and Paper Industry

Williams & Jensen has been the leader in postal legislative issues on behalf of paper, printing, mailing and supplying industries. The firm created and chaired the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service which coordinated lobbying leading to the passage of the Postal Accountability and Enforcement Act of 2006, the first postal reform measure since 1973. . .

Retirement Policy

The firm combines subject matter expertise and technical knowledge with a deep set of contacts at the Congressional committees with jurisdiction over pension law and the primary agencies involved in interpreting and implementing that law through the regulatory process, particularly with the Treasury and Labor Departments.

Tax Policy

The firm brings many decades of experience developing and implementing creative solutions to a client’s tax problem. We have been in the trenches on every major tax bill in the last forty years. We can provide a complete approach on tax issues, from working with a client to develop a unique strategy to .address the client’s issues, to . . .


Williams & Jensen has maintained a leading telecommunications practice since the 1980s. The firm has been deeply involved with telecommunications and intellectual property legislation over that time, and with relevant administrative agencies such as the FCC, Copyright Office, and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). 


Williams & Jensen has a consistent record of effectively achieving legislative and regulatory victories for clients in the international trade arena. We have worked with the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees on a wide variety of trade issues. . . 

Infrastructure & Transportation

Our transportation clients include industry leaders in the commercial aviation, freight rail, and specialized maritime sectors, as well as major manufacturers in the truck, private aviation, and railcar industries. On behalf of our clients, Williams & Jensen has played a significant role in the development and priorities . . .