International Government Affairs

Resolving international policy issues

Williams & Jensen provides clients a direct link to policymakers in the U.S. and select foreign governments to assist them in resolving issues or building strategic relationships.

Williams & Jensen has experience in supporting the public affairs efforts of companies making foreign investments, foreign procurements, resolving market access problems and raising your profile abroad. Developing a comprehensive approach will require understanding foreign protocols and developing the appropriate contacts in-country as well as in the U.S. These elements are essential for any successful foreign strategy.

Williams & Jensen can provide your business with the expertise needed to be an influential player overseas, before Congress and/or with the U.S. Administration.

To ensure free trade is fair trade, Williams & Jensen can offer the ability to:

Deepening Relationships

Deepen relationships with senior U.S. and foreign government officials and with leaders on Capitol Hill


Assist in resolving trade or investment related issues encountered with foreign governments (examples include improper tariff classifications, receiving your VAT rebates and collection of arbitrated awards)


Position your company to receive US Government advocacy on civil and defense foreign government tenders, privatizations or sales


Conduct direct negotiations with foreign governments on your behalf.

Develop, Organize, & Run

Develop organize and run coalitions, business councils or chambers of commerce.
Developing an “in country” public affairs strategy.

Serving, Delivering, & Offering

Serve as a surrogate for your organization, by delivering strategic messages to the media and public, offering opinion editorials and strategic media placements and speaking engagements