Immigration Law

Addressing immigration policy issues on Capitol Hill

Our involvement in immigration and border control legislation is built on our Firm’s longstanding work before the House and Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees. Williams & Jensen also works closely with Executive Branch departments and agencies that implement immigration and border control law.

Due to Congress’s inability to approve comprehensive immigration reform legislation, Williams & Jensen has been predominantly involved with Executive Branch departments. These projects often include a Congressional component as well. The firm is capable of calling upon its extensive base of contacts in Congress to provide input to regulatory agencies.

Following are some of the issues in which we have been involved:

  • An administrative review of the State Department's summer work/travel program.
  • Consular processing.
  • Development and introduction of biometric standards and screening equipment for air and rail travel.
  • Visa waiver cases for individual clients.
  • Import rules on cargo for ocean carriers.
  • Rules related to the rights of landowners along our national borders vis-à-vis law enforcement access to their property.
An effectively managed coalition can be the key to realizing the desired legislative or regulatory result. Coalitions and groups can bring to bear a broader range of political contacts and geographic representation. Williams & Jensen is well known for identifying and harnessing the political resources of coalitions and marshaling them efficiently and effectively in Washington. Williams & Jensen will work with formal and informal coalitions to identify opportunities to further our clients' legislative goals.