Experience to navigate congressional agriculture policy

Williams & Jensen has extensive political and technical experience helping clients navigate the intricacies of Congressional agriculture policy development. As Federal farm policy becomes increasingly driven by forces other than traditional domestic agricultural economics and politics – such as international trade and environmental considerations – our broad-based expertise is particularly valuable. The firm is adept at using both authorization and appropriations processes on clients’ behalf, representing clients on Capitol Hill and across numerous Federal agencies, including USDA, EPA, USTR, FDA, and the CFTC.

The firm’s experience in serving agriculture clients extends to a wide range of issues. These include commodity support and marketing programs, commodity futures exchanges, farm credit system financing, land conservation, agri-based energy, pesticides registration, agricultural industry structure and anti-trust issues, environmental issues, natural disaster relief, Food for Peace, import tariff suspensions, nominations to Federal agricultural trade advisory committees, and taxation.

In asserting clients' interests, we routinely provide the following services:


Developing a strategic plan in close consultation with the client


Preparing factual and legal memoranda for Congressional and/or Administration staff outlining our client’s position on pending or proposed legislation, regulations, or policies


Implementing a “grassroots” and public relations component to demonstrate the economic and employment impact of the issue


Serving as the press and electronic media contact for explanations and background briefings regarding a client’s interest in particular legislative matters


Joining with similarly situated agriculture interests to form winning strategic coalitions