This Week’s Update

The House was in recess.

This Week in Congress

  • House – The House was in recess.
  • Senate – The Senate began the impeachment trial of President Trump. The Senate approved a resolution setting the rules for the trial. The resolution provides the House managers and the President’s defense team each with 24 hours over three days to make opening arguments. The House managers began their arguments Wednesday and are expected to conclude on Friday. The defense team will begin their opening arguments Saturday. Under Senate rules, the Senate must remain in session six days per week during an impeachment trial and be in recess only on Sunday. Following opening arguments, the resolution provides for 16 hours of questioning by Senators. After the questioning period, the resolution allows 4 hours of argument by the parties, equally divided, followed by deliberation and vote on whether to call witnesses or subpoena documents.

Next Week in Congress

  • House – The House is expected to take up H.R. 3621, “The Student Borrower Credit Improvement Act,” as well as a pair of resolutions to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq and clarify that Congress has not previously authorized any use of military force against Iran
  • Senate – The Senate will continue the impeachment trial of President Trump. The White House counsel is expected to continue opening arguments, and the Senate is then expected to begin the questioning period and vote on whether to call witnesses. The trial could end as early as the end of next week but may extend into the following week, depending on whether witnesses are called. Limited legislative activity is likely to occur during the trial.

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