Today’s Daily Update

The House  plans to consider 16 bills under suspension of the rules; The Senate will vote a series of nominations.




  • The House passed H.R. 4935, to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make improvements to the child tax credit.


  • The House will convene at noon and plans to consider 16 bills under suspension of the rules. Notable legislation includes:
    • H.R. 4156 to allow airlines and ticket sellers to advertise the base price of airfare separately from the full price that includes taxes and fees;
    • H.R. 3696 to expand DHS efforts to prevent cybersecurity attacks by developing voluntary standards and codifying an executive policy directive that identified critical infrastructure sectors requiring protection; and
    • H.R. 4250 to create an expedited Food and Drug Administration review process for the active ingredients in nonprescription sunscreens.





  • The Senate was not in session.


  • The Senate will vote a series of nominations, including Elliot Kaye to be Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission; Joseph Mohorovic to be a Commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commission for a term of seven years from October 27, 2012; and Brian McKeon to be a Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense.


Hearings Covered by W&J Today


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House Energy & Commerce
“Protecting Americans from Illegal Bailouts and Plan Cancellations Under the President’s Health Care Law”

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