Today’s Daily Update


Last Week:

  • The House was not in session.


  • The House is expected to consider the following legislation under suspension of the rules:
    • 1) H.R. 3547 – The Space Launch Liability Indemnification Extension Act (Sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith / Science, Space, and Technology Committee)
    • 2) H.R. __ – To extend the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 for 10 years (Sponsored by Rep. Howard Coble / Judiciary Committee)
    • 3) H.R. 3588 – To amend the Safe Drinking Water Act to exempt fire hydrants from the prohibition on the use of lead pipes, fittings, fixtures, solder, and flux (Sponsored by Rep. Bill Johnson / Energy and Commerce Committee)



Last Week:

  • The Senate was not in session.


  • The Senate sits in recess until Monday, December 9, 2013.


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