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“For more than 40 years we have been advancing our clients’ positions in Washington. Our proven record for success secures our position as one of the nation’s leading government affairs law firms.”


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Legal Practice Areas

Financial Services Policy

As technological and innovation developments continue to change the financial services industry and pose challenges to policymakers, and as legislative and regulatory priorities evolve, our experience and understanding enables us to gauge developments accurately and deliver results.

Retirement Policy

The firm combines subject matter expertise and technical knowledge with a deep set of contacts at the Congressional committees with jurisdiction over pension law and the primary agencies involved in interpreting and implementing that law through the regulatory process, particularly with the Treasury and Labor Departments.

Healthcare Law

On a regular basis, we keep business clients apprised of legislative, regulatory, and judicial health care developments that could affect their interests. We also have participated in litigation challenging various actions by regulatory agencies. Health care policy has become increasingly relevant to an ever-wider range of organizations. Williams & Jensen’s diverse . . .

Tax Policy

The firm brings many decades of experience developing and implementing creative solutions to a client’s tax problem. We have been in the trenches on every major tax bill in the last forty years. We can provide a complete approach on tax issues, from working with a client to develop a unique strategy to .address the client’s issues, to . . .

Infrastructure & Transportation

Our transportation clients include industry leaders in the commercial aviation, freight rail, and specialized maritime sectors, as well as major manufacturers in the truck, private aviation, and railcar industries. On behalf of our clients, Williams & Jensen has played a significant role in the development and priorities . . .

Consumer Protection

Williams & Jensen has considerable experience representing companies and associations that have issues before the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC). The firm works with the legislative committees that have primary jurisdiction over these issues including the United States House . .


Williams & Jensen

Williams & Jensen was co-founded in 1970 by J. D. Williams, one of the most respected tax and business lobbyists in Washington, and the late Robert Jensen, known for his antitrust, securities, and litigation experience. In many ways, the firm’s success continues the dual approach set at its beginning: highly effective government relations, grounded in technically proficient law.

Williams & Jensen has since grown to become one of the few leading independent law firms in Washington with a practice focused primarily on lobbying. On a daily basis, we help companies and organizations in the U.S. and around the world influence legislation and public policy process in Washington. The firm’s record of winning in Washington has attracted a clientele of leading companies, trade associations, and institutions, many relying on the firm’s services for more than three decade as one of the nation’s leading government affairs law firms.

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