Campaign Finance and Election Law

Campaign Finance and Election Law

Helping you understand federal campaign laws

Campaign Finance and Election Law

Williams & Jensen's campaign practice group facilitates compliance with Federal election laws and Federal Election Commission regulations. Our clients include Members of Congress, candidates, political action committees and corporate-sponsored political action committees (PACs).

In addition, our attorneys counsel clients on campaign finance. We provide guidance on contribution, solicitation, and reporting requirements under Federal and state laws, and enable compliance with rules related to fundraising activities and solicitation materials.

Williams & Jensen's extensive PAC clientele rely on us for comprehensive compliance and administration services. The firm uses the most up-to-date software to track each PAC's activities. As a result, necessary information can be maintained, and accurate and complete reports can be filed with the FEC and state and local agencies on a timely basis.

Ethics & Lobbying Laws

In addition, the practice provides corporate ethics briefings to ensure compliance with existing ethics and lobbying laws, including the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA) and the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA). We assist clients in developing compliance plans and in the completion of necessary reports including the LD-1 lobbying registration, the LD-2 lobbying disclosure report, and the LD-203 political contribution report.